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Lowman Henry
Lowman Henry

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by Lowman S. Henry

Lefty Loonies of the Week: PUC 'Judges'

November 20, 2015

The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is a prime example of government regulators run amuck.

Earlier this week PUC administrative law judges Mary D. Long and Jeffrey A. Watson handed down a nearly $50 million fine against the ride sharing company Uber simply because the company conducted business in the commonwealth.

The PUC, rather than protecting customers as intended, serves more to protect special interests. In this case, the dwelling-in-the-past agency has shilled for taxi companies that found themselves left in the dust by companies such as Uber and Lyft who found a better way to service customers based on harnessing new technologies.

The dinosaur-era relic that is the PUC could not keep pace with the changing competitive environment failing to determine how to regulate the ride sharing companies in anything even close to a timely manner.

So, Uber moved forward anyway.

For this affront to the power of the regulators the PUC wants to fine Uber $50 million.

Instead, the General Assembly should take a look at reigning in these out-of-control bureaucrats whose very existence serves to stifle free enterprise and innovation rather than promote it.

Uber does not deserve to be fined, but the PUC has proven itself in need of serious reform.

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