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Stephen Bloom

    Wed, December 03, 2014

    Steve Bloom: Suggestions for Governor Wolf

    The founders envisioned government serving as a thorough reflection of its citizens. Our state and federal constitutions were designed to prevent any person or group of people from dominating, so ...

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    Tue, April 08, 2014

    Minimum Wage = Maximum Harm to Jobs

    By, Stephen Bloom
    State Representative, 199th District

    Everybody deserves a chance to work for a living. Having a job, any job, is the most important factor in keeping people from ...

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    Wed, April 03, 2013

    Death Shouldn't Kill Family Business

    Family-owned and operated small businesses, our "mom-and-pop shops," create 65 percent of Pennsylvania's jobs. Often, mom and pop and their children work long and hard with the sincere hope ...

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