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Joseph Pitts

    Tue, January 08, 2013

    The Real Fiscal Cliff

    In February, the government will again exceed the cap on how much it can legally owe. Government debt has grown by $6 trillion since President Obama took office, and this will be the fifth time he ...

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    Thu, October 04, 2012

    What Does Future Hold for Alco Pensions?

    (October 3, 2012)--The audited data for Allegheny County's Retirement
    System shows that from 2005 until 2011 the system has slipped in
    health and the County is putting in a smaller ...

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    Tue, September 06, 2011

    Carnegie Library System: Comparative Operating Stats

    (September 6, 2011)--After receiving little attention in the way of research since the 1990s, the state of the Carnegie Libraries–a public trust of 19 libraries with a collection of over 5.2 ...

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