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Michael Nerozzi

    Thu, July 22, 2010

    I ~R: Our Inalienable Right to Reform

    Michael J. Nerozzi ~Nathan A. Benefield

    Following indictments and convictions of lawmakers and staff, a recent grand jury report recommended a series of ...

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    Tue, April 27, 2010

    Rendell's 'Press Release Economics'

    It is a scene familiar in America. A mayor, joined by legislators, holds a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new facility or attraction in the community. Smiling ear to ear, he eagerly shakes the hands ...

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    Fri, September 04, 2009

    Tolling I-80 is a Recipe for Disaster

    Once again, state lawmakers, bureaucrats and special interest groups are looking for another way to grab more money from Pennsylvanians. The latest rendition is tolling Interstate 80 across the ...

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