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Tracy Miller

    Wed, August 10, 2016

    PA Pension Crisis: Now is Time for Action

    The state of Pennsylvania, as well as many other states, faces a pension crisis. The state has not set aside enough money each year to pay the pensions it is legally obligated to pay state workers ...

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    Wed, June 01, 2016

    Trump's Revised Tax Plan: Acceptable to Conservatives?

    Now that Donald Trump has locked up the Republican nomination, we can look more closely at his policy proposals. In April, when the two candidates were still battling for the Republican nomination, I ...

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    Thu, April 21, 2016

    Dealing with $15 Hour Minimum Wage

    Arguing that no full-time worker should be paid so little as to live in poverty, Bernie Sanders supports increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020. This is part of his plan for reducing ...

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    Thu, April 07, 2016

    A Look at the PA Budget Mess

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has finally announced that he will allow the budget passed by the legislature for the 2015-16 fiscal year to become law. It is now time for the legislature to consider ...

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    Mon, February 08, 2016

    Falling Oil Prices Impact on World Economy

    Yesterday my wife paid $1.99 per gallon for gasoline, a price lower than almost anyone expected a few years ago. From 2010 to early 2014, oil prices were fairly steady at close to $100 per barrel. ...

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    Mon, December 07, 2015

    Congress Uses Sleight of Hand to Pay for Highway Bill

    After much debate and considerable delay, the House of Representatives has finally passed a highway funding bill. A big question that delayed the bill's passage was whether the federal fuel tax would ...

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    Mon, February 02, 2015

    Giving Workers Freedom

    Unemployment has been falling but the number of Americans not working–or working fewer hours–has remained stubbornly high since 2008. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ...

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    Wed, January 07, 2015

    Congress and Executive Orders

    Many Americans are upset by the decision of President Obama to issue an executive order to reform immigration policy. The executive order effectively grants undocumented immigrants the legal right to ...

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    Fri, October 10, 2014

    Why PA Should Not Enact a Severence Tax on Natural Gas

    As the governor's race heats up in Pennsylvania, one of the central issues is whether to enact a severance tax on natural gas. Democrat candidate Tom Wolf has emphasized the fact that Pennsylvania is ...

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    Wed, August 20, 2014

    The Obama Economic Record

    Editor's note: This article first appeared The Daily Caller.

    In spite of the claims by President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors regarding his administration's ...

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    Fri, May 02, 2014

    Minimum Wage Increase: Will it Reduce Poverty?

    Recently, some commentators have been promoting the idea of a government guaranteed income, where the government would pay a monthly cash payment to every American, regardless of need or merit. A ...

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    Wed, December 04, 2013

    Do We Want More Affordable Health Care?

    The problems with the website offer a glimpse of the way the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is likely to fail at accomplishing its most important goals: providing affordable, high-quality ...

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    Mon, September 16, 2013

    How Immigration Reform Makes Sense

    The U.S. House and Senate are considering an immigration reform bill. Critics of the legislation say that it will not do enough to secure our borders and that it grants amnesty to illegal immigrants. ...

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    Thu, May 30, 2013

    Death Panels? Of Course

    Recently the debate about "death panels" has been heating up as Republican Congressional leaders express their opposition to implementing the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) by ...

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    Thu, December 20, 2012

    What Should Be Done About the Fiscal Cliff?

    Editor's note: A version of this article first appeared at

    Everyone is talking about the "fiscal cliff"–the likely impact of the expiration of the Bush ...

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    Sun, September 02, 2012

    Does Ryan Want to Take Medicare Away from Seniors?

    Editor's note: A version of this article first appeared at

    A year ago, opponents attacked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), claiming that his plan
    to reform ...

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    Wed, June 27, 2012

    Public Sector Unions: Hope for Struggling States

    Recently, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin won a historic recall election sought by unionized government workers and their allies who opposed his bargaining reforms. Because Walker's margin of victory ...

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    Fri, June 15, 2012

    Volckier Rule is a Step in Right Direction

    JPMorgan Chase, one of the nation's largest banks, announced that it lost over
    $2 billion in trading over the last few months. This has emboldened supporters
    of the Volker rule, which ...

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    Fri, May 25, 2012

    Homelessness: How Government Makes it Worse

    During a recent trip to Chicago, I couldn't help but notice the large number of homeless people in the downtown area, including one homeless man pushing a child in a stroller. Homelessness was ...

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    Tue, June 21, 2011

    Our Health is Overinsured

    One of the arguments for healthcare reform is that millions of Americans with employer-provided healthcare are underinsured. Proponents of this view are saying that people are underinsured if they ...

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    Fri, August 27, 2010

    Taxing Transportation

    Not long ago, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell toured the state to highlight its crisis in transportation funding. He called on the General Assembly to resolve the crisis this year. In May, the State ...

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    Wed, August 12, 2009

    'Health Care Reform" America Can't Afford

    The healthcare reform bill pending in Congress is called "America's Affordable Health Choices Act." It is supposed to provide "affordable, quality health care for all Americans and ...

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    Tue, January 13, 2009

    Obama's Trillion Dollar Gamble

    President-elect Obama is considering an economic stimulus package that will include increases in government spending and tax cuts of approximately one trillion dollars. Many fear a prolonged ...

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